Reflective Consultation (RC)



Watch this video (13:54) to hear from participants and learn more about Reflective Consultation, common barriers, and how RC can support your team or organization.


Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RS/C) is an innovative model of professional development used to support workers in high-stress positions working with vulnerable and/or trauma exposed positions. This may include, but is not limited to, frontline workers, legal teams, early interventionists, teachers, child welfare workers, public health nurses, and Juvenile Justice workers. 

Working in high-stress environments or with vulnerable and/or trauma exposed populations requires immense emotional energy and critical thinking. It can often feel overwhelming and emotionally draining, leading to burnout, emotional numbing, or even secondary traumatic stress symptoms. Studies report that employees who receive RS/C show improvements in work skills and self-efficacy, as well as decreased levels of burnout and turnover (source: University of Minnesota).”

RS/C creates a reflective space to help employees


  • understand their personal responses to situations
  • identify and navigate signs of burnout, direct and secondary trauma
  • and learn tools to help navigate the emotional demands of their professional roles



Reflective Supervisor refers to an individual employed by an organization who may also dually provide administrative and/or clinical supervision to their staff. Reflective Consultants are outside consultants, usually with a mental health background, hired to provide reflective consultation to staff or leadership.

Reflective Consultation (RC) provides your team with ongoing professional development and is ideal for leaders and professionals in helping professions. RC is a space that promotes emotional resilience, provides ongoing education on recognizing and managing secondary stress and burnout, and promotes teaming and collaboration. Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RSC) is available in individual and small group settings (up to 8 participants). *All services provided via video conferencing

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