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What is On Demand Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RSC)?


In addition to small group settings, individual RSC is also available to partner agencies through On Demand RSC. On Demand RSC is available during the workday and at no cost to your employees. It is a reflective and confidential space between you and an outside Reflective Consultant that allows you to slow down and navigate the thoughts, feelings, and interactions experienced within your professional role.


Who Can Access On Demand RSC?

On Demand RSC is available to employees of partner agencies only. If you are an employee of one of our partner agencies, please contact your Onsite Liaison or direct supervisor to determine if you are eligible for On Demand RSC services.

If you are eligible, please continue to learn more about when and how to request an On Demand RSC session. 

How do I Request an On Demand RSC?

Follow the link to Complete a Request to Schedule Reflective Supervision/ Consultation (RSC). Our team will contact you within 2 business days with available appointments. Play the video below to learn more.


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Resources Mentioned in Video 

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When should I schedule an On Demand RSC?

An individual RSC session can be used in between group sessions or as a standalone resource. It is available as situations arise or to help address topics that may be inappropriate or uncomfortable to discuss in your small group.